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Childbirth Preparation Classes

In our six-week group classes you will learn how labor typically looks and feels, debunk birth myths, understand medical options and alternatives, and connect with your body and inner wisdom. By the end of this class, the goal is for you to have all the tools you need to birth with confidence.

Pregnancy Yoga

Comfort Measures for Labor

In this class you will learn practical tools that will help you get through each stage of labor more easily. It is ideal for people who don't need an in depth childbirth class or as a refresher class.

Private Childbirth Classes

These classes are tailored to fit your specific needs. Together, we come up with a plan for when, where, and how many times we meet, and the topics we will cover.

Young Couple Expecting

Postpartum 101:
Breastfeeding, Baby Care, and Healing

We tend to spend a lot of time preparing for birth, but what will you do with the baby once it is here? In this class you will learn about postpartum recovery, baby care, and breastfeeding.

Body Positive Baby: Pregnancy and Postpartum Group

The changes that pregnant and postpartum bodies go through can be awesome and amazing, and they can also be difficult and depressing. This group is a place to support you in navigating these changes with love and grace.

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Childbirth Preparation Classes

This six-week course, plus one reunion class after everyone has their baby. The class is taught using the Cornerstone Method of Childbirth Education. It is designed to work for everyone, regardless of birth plan or setting. We are dedicated to presenting evidence based and unbiased information in a non-judgmental and inclusive space.

Topics include:​

  • Pregnancy self-care and easing discomforts

  • Nutrition and intuitive eating. 

  • Exercise and intuitive movement

  • Optimal Fetal Positioning 

  • Stages of labor, and how they typically look and feel

  • Comfort measures for each stage

  • Myth busting and fear release

  • Informed decision making

  • Connecting to your body and your innate wisdom

  • Meditation and visualisation

  • And much more!

Upcoming Classes:

Tuesdays Evenings, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

October 1, 2019 - November 5, 2019


Bay Area Midwifery

2800 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94610


$350 (includes book and materials)


Comfort Measures for Labor

This class gives practical tools for navigating each stage of labor and how partners can support. Topics include:​

  • Mindfulness and relaxation

  • Positions and movement

  • Touch and massage

  • Breathing and vocalization

  • Birth balls and other comfort tools

  • Connect to your body

  • Much more

This is an active class, please come dressed comfortably and ready to move.

Note: This class is not intended to replace a childbirth education class, it does not cover topics such as hospital procedures or details of the stages of labor.

Upcoming Class:

Saturday, October 19, 2019

10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Pacifica Family Maternity

3101 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705

Price: $115

Get $20 off when you sign up before October 12 with coupon code CMEarly20


Private Childbirth Classes

If you need a class that works around your schedule or addresses your specific situation, consider scheduling a private class. Private Classes are ideal if:

  • You only need a childbirth refresher class

  • Your schedule does not allow you to take a group class

  • You would not have time to complete a group class before your due date

  • Your pregnancy is unique in some way, perhaps due to a risk factor or planned cesarean, and you want a class that directly addresses your situation.

  • You feel more comfortable taking a private class


Postpartum 101:
Breastfeeding, Baby Care, and Healing

During pregnancy we often read about labor, take birth classes, hire doulas, and prepare as much as we can for the big day when our babies will arrive, but then what? The birth will only last about a day, but you will have the baby for the rest of your life, yet most parents feel way underprepared for the demands of parenting and all the changes that come with it. This class is like 3 classes in one. You will learn the basics of:

  • Breastfeeding including getting off to a good start, positioning and latch, and how to solve common problems

  • Babycare including swaddling practice, soothing techniques, and typical newborn behavior

  • What to expect during postpartum healing and recovery, getting the rest and support you need, managing stress and baby blues, and getting to know yourself again.

Upcoming class:

Tuesdays, November 12 - 19, 2019

6:30 - 9:30 pm


Bay Area Midwifery

2800 Park Blvd, Oakland, CA 94610

Price: $165

(Students that have signed up for any of my birth classes get a 20% discount)


Body Positive Baby: Pregnancy and Postpartum Group

Pregnancy is a time of change. Our bodies shift, stretch, and grow, and our relationship with food changes, sometimes in very difficult ways. It doesn't help when every other person asks how much weight we've gained. These changes can bring up a lot of self-doubt and insecurities, especially in our extremely weight and beauty conscious culture.

During pregnancy we often look forward to after the baby comes so we can get back to our old selves and bodies and relationships with food. So it can be difficult when, after the baby comes, we realize that there is no going back, and that we and our bodies are forever changed. Because of this, postpartum can be an even harder time. 

This group is a non-judgmental and compassionate place to explore our changing relationships with our bodies and food, share our triumphs and struggles, and be supported in fostering a loving, peaceful, and joyful relationship with our changing bodies.

For pregnant and postpartum people (up to 2 years).

Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

This group is FREE, although donations will be accepted to help cover fees.

Next Group:

Saturday, October 26, 2019

10:00 am - 11:30 am


Oakland Birth and Wellness

5735 Shattuck Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94609


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