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What does body positive mean?

For me, body positivity means that we acknowledge and celebrate the fact that human beings naturally come in all different shapes and sizes and that these differences are part of human diversity, just like hight, eye color, and skin tone. This perspective frees us from blame, shame, and comparison, and allows us all the freedom to love and care for our unique bodies as they are. Health and beauty standards in mainstream American culture cause so much mental and emotional pain and illness, and use up so much energy and life force that could be far better spent. Body positivity allows us to love our bodies and then take all that saved energy and put in into fulfilling our unique purposes in this world.

What is Health at Every Size?

A important part of the body positive model is Health at Every Size. A lot of research has proven that health is more about lifestyle than any number on a chart or scale, this means that people of all shapes and sizes can be healthy. Of course there are unhealthy fat people, but there are also unhealthy thin people. There are also healthy fat people and healthy thin people. There are many factors that determine the size of a person's body, but every body, regardless of shape or size, has access to vibrant health and excellent self-care. Furthermore, the stress that comes with the guilt and shame and blame that are so liberally heaped on fat people in our culture lead to health issues and disease much more detrimental than any bit of body fat could ever be. For more information visit

My hospital offers childbirth prep classes for free. Why should I pay you for a class?

Your hospital's childbirth education class will prepare you for giving birth the way your hospital expects you to give birth. If that is what you want, then go for it. However, if you want a different experience or want to explore your options outside of what is generally expected or deemed acceptable, I encourage you to sign up for my class.

I've read a lot about birth and done a lot of my own research, I think I know what to expect and what I want, should I still take a class?

No amount of reading and research compares to the benefits of a live class. Plus, even if you feel well informed and ready, has your birth partner done all the same reading and research? Birth classes are just as important for partners and labor support people as they are for you, if not more. During class you and your birth partner will have the opportunity to practice positions and comfort techniques, and together you will discover what you like, what feels good, where and how you like or don't like to be touched, and many more useful tools. By the end of the series the goal is that you will have practiced them so much your body just naturally does them, and your partner feels comfortable supporting you, when the big day arrives. Another benefit to childbirth classes is that the students in each class get to know each other and become a community that supports and encourages each other. The bonds formed in childbirth education classes often last a lifetime.

I am planning on having an epidural, could I still take your class?

Yes. My goal is for you to birth with confidence and joy, and that will look different for everyone. If I told you how you needed to give birth and what decisions you needed to make I would be taking away your power. I see my job as making sure you have the information you need for you to make the best choices for you. I am not here to judge your choices or your journey.

I am having a cesarian section, do I need to take a class?

A cesarian section is still the birth of your baby and your transition into parenthood, and it can still be a sacred and powerful experience. When planning for your cesarian there are many decisions that you will have to make, and the tools and information I teach in my class will support you in making the best decisions for you and your baby. Another option for you to consider is scheduling a private birth class. Together we will tailor make your class.

I am single, or my partner is not able to come to class, can I come alone?

Yes, you are welcome to come alone. You can also bring a friend, a relative, a doula, or anyone else you want to bring along. It does not have to be the same person for every class.

When should I plan on taking a class?

Ideally you should plan to finish your birth class by your 37th week of pregnancy.

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